Stunning technical features

Technical specifications

Q-Bot, robot développé par Q-Leap

Curiosity, creativity and analysis.

For us, innovations are born at the crossroads of several technologies. Q-Bot is the result of this innovation based on electronics, hardware, software and industrial design. Discover here all the technical features of this robot that automates Luxtrust dual authentication.

Technical characteristics allowing to create a compact & ergonomic robot

A perfect cube

The geometry and technical characteristics of the robot are simple enough to avoid overloading the user’s desk. Thanks to quality and space-saving components, we managed to compress the size of our robot into a space-saving Q-Bot. Indeed, our robot is a small cube that fits perfectly into the testers’ working environment.

  • Length: 10cm
  • Width: 10cm
  • Height: 10cm
Q-Bot en veille
caractéristiques techniques - écran OLED

A quality screen to display the most important information

A very high contrast OLED display

The screen is very readable thanks to the OLED technology with an exceptional contrast. To meet the requirements of testers, Q-Bot is equipped with the best technical features and this small OLED screen is the proof. It provides better readability for testers and thus more comfort.

State of the art 5 megapixel camera

Ultra HD 4K image!

The OTP image capture is razor sharp thanks to a 5 megapixel camera with ultra short range focus. These technical features are essential for the robot to recognize the Luxstrust OTP value and transmit numbers with the highest accuracy.

caractéristiques techniques - caméra 4K intégrée au robot
caractéristiques techniques - ordinateur intégré au robot Q-BOT

The latest Raspberry Pi 4

A nano computer as big as a credit card

  • Processor: Cortex A72
  • Memory size: 4 GB
  • Connectivity: Gbit Ethernet

Q-Bot is a small cube filled with cutting-edge technologies. Despite its small size, the technical and technological features of this robot are of excellent quality. Is it possible to integrate a small computer in a 10 cm cube? Yes, we did it with Q-Bot.

Why Q-Bot is the ideal ally for software testers?

Automate dual authentication
in 100% of the test cases


Accessible via
a web interface
or an API


Recognition rate
of the OTP to 100%


Get the value of the OTP in less than 10 seconds

Plug & Play

No installation required, just a network connection

Q-Bot requires no installation or configuration.
Connect it to your network and start using it immediately!

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