Q-BOT by Q-leap

Technical specifications

Curiosity, creativity and analysis.

For us, innovations are born at the crossroads of several technologies. Q-Bot is the result of this innovation based on electronics, hardware, software and industrial design.

Q-Bot en veille

A perfect cube

Compact and ergonomic

Length 10cm, Width 10 cm, Height 10 cm.

caractéristiques techniques - caméra 4K intégrée au robot

An ultra HD image!

5 megapixel camera

OTP image capture is razor sharp with a 5 megapixel camera
with ultra-short focusing distance.

caractéristiques techniques - écran OLED

An OLED display with very high contrast!

It displays the most important information.

The screen is very readable thanks to the OLED technology
with an exceptional contrast.

caractéristiques techniques - ordinateur intégré au robot Q-BOT

A nano computer the size of a credit card!

The latest Raspberry Pi 4

Processor: Cortex A72

Memory size: 4 GB

Connectivity: Gbit Ethernet